Mark D. Stephens Architects

Monday, July 31, 2006

The grass is growing !

on the underground house section. You can start to see the wild flowers coming up too !

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Here are my top tips for a successful self-build:
1. Take control of the job – if you read up on stuff, learn how things go together, you’ll probably be doing better than most of the tradesmen you get in.
2. Be wary of ‘that’s the way we do it around here’ – most details are commonsense and when you hear ‘that’s the way we do it around here’ it’s generally to save time for the builder
3. If you’re doing a raft and need a Radon barrier – put it under the raft – I know most builders do this already but there is an option for it to go on top – it’s difficult otherwise to join the radon together when the barrier that’s down has been trodden on, built on and plastered on !
4. Be wary of suppliers/manufacturers – investigate what you need, research and see it done somewhere else, remember that suppliers are in the business to sell you stuff – you may not even need it !
5. Be prepared to get your hands dirty a. you’ll get more respect b. you’ll constantly be needing to tidy up between trades c. it’s good therapy d. you’ll be in control
More to come…